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How can I learn to drive an automatic car

Before a novice motorist gets behind the wheel and gets practical driving skills, it is necessary that the novice has studied the rules Birmingham driving lesson of the road and basic technical disciplines regarding the general structure of the car.

More precisely, you need to know about the principles of operation of the main components that make up the car. Although the latter, according to regulations, is not necessary to study, this knowledge for future motorists will not be superfluous.

In this article, we will look at how to drive an automatic machine for beginners, the principle of operation of the automatic transmission, the rules for using automatic transmission , switching modes of automatic transmission , etc.


Driving a machine for beginners

The position of the gear lever in the "P" position - parking. Vehicle movement is not possible, while in this mode the engine is allowed to start.

The position of the gear lever in the "R" position is reverse. Reverse. Do not use this position while the vehicle is moving forward. In this mode, the engine cannot be started.

"N" - neutral. Automatic Driving Lessons Coventry The car can move freely. In this mode, it is allowed to start the engine, as well as towing a car

The position of the gear lever is in position D3 (S) second range of low gears (on roads with small ups and downs) or D2 (L) range of low gears (off-road).

Such switching modes are not available on all automatic transmissions, it all depends on the modification of the transmission. Switching the lever from position D to position D2 or D3 and vice versa can be done while the vehicle is moving. Automatic transmissions can also be additionally equipped with gearshift modes: N - normal, E - economical, S - sport.

Having dealt with the principle of using automatic transmission, you can go directly to how to drive an automatic transmission for beginners. The first lesson in driving a vehicle should include learning how to properly position the driver behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Setting up the driver's seat. The backrest of the driver's seat should be as vertical as possible, Driving lessons in Birmingham but not to the detriment of the comfort of the driver's seat. Removal of the cushion from the pedal assembly should be oriented towards incomplete extension of the driver's leg with maximum depression of the brake pedal.

Setting up rear-view mirrors. After the driver has adjusted the driver's seat, it is necessary to adjust the rear-view mirrors. As a rule, two side and salon rear-view mirrors are installed in modern cars (except for pickups and commercial vehicles)

Mirrors should be adjusted in such a way that the driver, without changing the position and without turning his head, could instantly assess the situation behind the car in all mirrors only by moving his eyes.

After the driver's landing settings are completed, you can start starting the engine. Starting the internal combustion engine of a car with an automatic transmission on many models is impossible without pressing the brake pedal in any position of the automatic transmission mode selector, except for P and N

Before starting the movement of the car, Automatic Driving Lessons Solihull you need to make sure with the help of the rear-view mirrors that there is no associated vehicle, turn on the turn, and move your right foot from the brake pedal to the gas pedal and start moving smoothly.

After entering the carriageway, all actions of the driver must obey the requirements of the traffic rules. The driver of the vehicle is obliged to observe the speed limit on this section of the road, to adhere to the extreme right lane, depending on the traffic situation and markings.


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